4 Great Android Applications to Count Walking Steps Reviewed

In 21 century it is perfectly normal for people to have different standards on how to keep their body in shape and stay fit. There are various ways on how to keep the good look, moreover, It is perfectly normal to see people doing different sports and recreations since we are all different and unique by nature.

One of the most simple and yet most known exercise to keep our body in shape is walking. In case you are a fan of walking and you do, or wish to walk long distance you may check these 5 top walking step counter Android applications online.

Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk for PC

This is a very cool Android application that gives an amazing overview of all past walking exercise, displaying incredible charts and graphs to inform you about your recent walking form. Walk with Map My Walk for PC also gives an opportunity to the user to have personalized tips, advice and motivation hacks by using the app daily.

Walk with Map My Walk online is mainly focused on walking and running. However, with the latest update, it now supports more than 100 different exercise workouts including biking, riding, fitness workouts, cross workout, meditation, yoga, etc.

Another bonus of this cool application for step counter is the ability to connect and synchronize easily with different platforms like Google Fit, Wear OS, Garmin, Fitbit and many more.

How to install the latest Walk with Map My Walk on your Android device online?

The easiest way to install the latest Walk with Map My Walk online could be done in just a couple of clicks. You may follow our short guide below.

1. First things first. You will have to make sure that you are connected to the Internet. With active connection, you will have to log into your Google account and navigate to the Google Playstore application.

2. Once you open the Google Play application, you will have to locate the search button in the upper corner and type ‘Walk with Map My Walk’. Once the application logo popups, you can click on the ‘Install’ button.

3. The download and installation process is done automatically. You can sit back and enjoy it once the whole process is done.

Official Google Play link for Walk with Map

Walking App – Walking for Weight Loss for PC

Walking App – Walking for Weight Loss for PC

As the name states, the main focus of this cool Android application is to help you lose weight by walking. The cool thing we like about this application is the ability to adapt to your body type and body shape desires. You can choose from different starting setups from Beginner to Advanced and PRO settings. By following the instructions you may lose weight in just 8 weeks of walking daily. This makes this Android walking application suitable for beginners and for pro athletes too. Walking for Weight Loss for PC provides you with a fully detailed guide on how many miles/kilometers you are going to need to walk each day in order to succeed with your weight loss goal. As many of the competition applications, this walking app also supports GPS location features that records the changes in your body while walking so it can give you more precise advise or tip on how much calories you should consume while achieving the weight loss goal.

How do I install Walking App – Walking for Weight Loss for PC?

In case if you were wondering if there is an option to install the latest Walking App for Weight Loss for PC, the answer is absolutely yes! With the latest technology updates, nowadays we can easily install Android applications on our personal computers running on the Windows operating system. In order to achieve this, we need a special kind of software called Android emulator. What this software does is simply creating virtual Android machines within our Windows-based PC. It allocates hardware components to work as if they would work on Android smartphones. From our experience the best Android Emulating software is Bluestacks.

Here you can read more about Bluestacks and download it.

Once you have a running Android Emulating software on your Windows machine, you can proceed to the next step. (You can install another Android Emulator in case you do not want to install Bluestacks)

The next step is to log into your Google Play application, which is automatically pre-installed and should be located on your virtual Android device’s home screen. Once you open the app, you can search for Walking for Weight Loss for PC and you should be able to locate the application right away.

The installation process is fairly simple. All you have to do at this point is to click on the green ‘Install’ button and wait for the whole process to finish.

Official Google Play link for Walking App – Walking for Weight loss for PC

Pedometer – Step Counter Free and Calorie Burner

Pedometer – Step Counter Free and Calorie Burner

Pedometer is another great application that helps you keep track of your walking steps when you workout. The great advantage of Pedometer for PC application over the competition is the ability not to use GPS and still track all of your steps. By working like this, your phone’s battery is less consumed. Recording your daily walking or running steps creates a profile of your body. Pedometer for PC online goes one step further and provides you with a calorie record and intake advice for you as well.

If you wonder how much these cool application costs, you will be amazed to know that it is absolutely free and Pedometer will stay free forever as the developing company states.

Official Google Play Link for Pedometer Step Counter Free and Calorie Burner.

Endomondo – Running and Walking for PC

Endomondo – Running and Walking for PC

Another great application is Endomondo for PC. Without a doubt, this application is very well known in the Android application world. The main focus here is to track your walking and running activities. Besides that, Endomondo online supports the tracking of more than 60 sports as well. The clean user interface is well met between the users. We must say that we really like the clean design. Everything is packed really well, simple and intuitive. Connection for this application is no trouble since it is developed to work with all latest step tracking for pc devices like Garmin Connect, TomTom My Sports, Fitbit, Amazfit. The synchronization is blazing fast. Moreover, Endomondo goes one step further and now supports the new Android Wear watches including the newest Tizen OS by Samsung.

Official Google Playstore Link for Endomondo Running And Walking for PC APK.

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