AllShare Cast Dongle S/W APK Download for Android and PC – Reviewed

AllShare Cast Dongle S/W Download Online APK

AllShare Cast Dongle S/W Download for Android APK and Windows PC is one of the best applications when it comes to air broadcasting media between devices.

Imagine that you have been to this amazing holiday trip to the nearby village and you love to take really great photos using your mobile device. However, we all know the struggle you will be facing when you get back home and want to show your closest friends and family about the cool images you took.

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Without AllShare Cast Dongle S/W This struggle is actually the transfer between your Android mobile device and your Windows PC. Moreover, you will need your data cable to connect both the devices or even better, using a cloud storage service you can upload the media files to the cloud server using the Internet and then connect the laptop or Windows PC to your Smart TV using HDMI cable.

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What AllShare Cast Dongle S/W Has to Offer?

If you would like to save yourself some valuable time, we highly suggest you try out the latest AllShare Cast Dongle APK version, which we have today for a total review and download. What is so special about this AllShare Cast Dongle Download APK is that it connects your mobile Android device to your Smart TV directly without much hustle. Furthermore, you can directly watch all your digital media directly to your big TV screen. This feature is also available to be broadcasted to any device that supports the Air broadcasting service using 802.11 a|b|g|n technology.

allshare cast dongle s/w online for windows pc allshare cast dongle s/w for PC

What we like about this AllShare Cast application is the option to share Videos or Movies directly to your WiFi Internet-connected projector and have a really great night with your family and friends without the need to worry about cables and connections. Feel free to download the latest AllShare Cast Dongle S/W below.

Guide: How to install AllShare Application for Android Device

The installtion process of applications on your Android device, either it is a smartphone or a tablet, can be done by one of these methods.

Method 1: You can install your favorite application by downloading it through Google Playstore (Marketplace for Android applications). This can be done by opening your Google Play application and searching for ‘AllShare Cast’ via the search bar. Once you locate the famous icon for this application, you may click on ‘Install’ and wait for the download/installation process to finish. (You may follow the direct Google download link for All share here.)

Method 2: Any Android application can be installed on any Android running machine by using the app’s APK file.

What is APK?

Android Application Package is a file type that contains all of the application data, including the installation executable file.

First step when installing file from its APK file is to locate and download the file. Download link for Allshare APK can be found below in this post. Once downloaded, you may try to open the file. At this point there are 2 scenarios that may happen.

Scenario 1: The APK file opens, the installation process begins and everything works as it should. Hooray!

Scenario 2: When you try to open the downloaded file you are warned with an error message about the safety of installation of ‘unknown apps’. This warninng message is a normal message from your Android machine to let you know to be cautious what kind of applications you are installing since they are not directly being installed from the Playstore. In order to get rid of the warning message, you would have to adjust your Android’s settings when it comes to installing applications. This could be done if you follow the in-depth guide here on how to adjust your Android’s application settings. With the proper settings when you try to open the APK file, the installation process should start and you will have your desired application installed on your Android device in just a few seconds.

Information for the geeks : )
version: 1.2.3717
File size: 30.51MB
Updated: 1 January 2016
Minimum Android version: Android 4.0+

Download AllShare Cast Dongle SW Download


Official Google AllshareCast link

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