Amazon Opens Its First Permanent Online Store in Collaboration with Whole Foods

Due to the late Corona Virus situation, more and more people tend to shop online. This was one of the facts that many businesses actually moved to sell their goods online and eventually plan on closing their physical stores during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Amazon’s project Whole Foods opened a new physical store in Brooklyn. It is not just a temporary store, but the very first store of a big chain that is about to become in the following years, as Amazon states. The idea behind Whole Foods is a special fulfillment of food orders made online on Amazon.

The focus will be taking care of the already growing number of food orders online. People would not be able to visit the store and buy on the spot yet. Their goal, for now, would be just the processing of online orders. Maybe after the COVID-19 situation is overcome, people would get a chance to go shopping for their favorite food.

Whole Foods was opened on the 1st of September to help exclusively the residents of the Brooklyn area. With the latest statement, their major focus is to help people by receiving their orders online and shipping them as fast as possible. That’s the reason behind having a physical office located in Brooklyn. As Amazon forecasts, food goods delivery is a trending business that is not yet developed at the highest level possible. As all factors and predictions state, more and more companies are to be opened in the delivery sector in the upcoming 2021.

The fun fact is although people think that Amazon reacted quickly to their opening of the Whole Foods store for the COVID-19 situation, the reality is a little different. Actually, the story behind a physical food store and collaboration with Whole Foods has begun in 2019. Amazon wanted to give this lux to their visitors by not having to wait a long time for their products – especially food orders.

We expect more stores to open soon. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new era, who knows.

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