AMD Expects To Announce The New Zen 3 Processors In October

We are all excited to see what AMD has prepared for us in October. Chief business executive Lisa Su, twitted the release of the new processor series will be announced on the 8th of October. Her response was an answer to the late allegations of mass speculation that AMD may have to postpone the release of the new Ryzen Zen 3 processors.

Lisa announced a lot of exciting surprises, especially for gamers. More details for the newest Ryzen Zen 3 and Radeon RDNA 2 structures will be laid out on October 8. After all, it seems that AMD is in control of the COVID-19 situation, therefore, their teams of experts are working as hard as possible to make all innovations from the future a normal part of our lives today.

We are eagerly waiting for the release and see what improvements and features would be made with the new 7nm technology by AMD. We strongly believe that the next generations of mobile and PC processors would use Cezanne accelerated processing unit (APU) and Vermeer AMD architectures. This would most definitely help AMD compete with Intel for the following year.

What to expect

After the initial report, the full optimization of the newest 7nm manufacturing process would give Zen 3 chips an amazing 20 perfect density increase and around 10 percent less energy consumption. Unfortunately, it is announced that all chipsets before the 500 series would not be compatible with the new AMD Zen 3 processors.

On the other hand, in October besides the revelation of the new Zen 3, we expect another great surprise from AMD as well. Late in October, we are looking forward to seeing the newest Radeon graphics card. AMD Radeon RX 6000 based on Big Navi architecture will be a real competition to the latest NVIDIA cards. The release date is expected to be on 28th of October.

We are looking forward to purchasing and testing the card as soon as it is available for purchase.

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