Anger of Stick 6 APK Online for PC and Android – Reviewed

Anger of Stick 6 APK for PC

Anger of stick 6 is a 2D action style game developed by Kdn Studio.

You are a stick hero who is fighting off unknown enemies emerging from the city. Your goal is to stop them from using innocent people as experimental tools. Anger of Stick 6 Online is a great choice if you would like to play a great mobile game on the go while you are waiting for your friends, or have some free time to kill.

Anger of Stick 6 for PC is now a thing!

You’ve read that right. Now, you can install and enjoy playing the latest Anger of Stick for PC using the installation APK file and Android emulator software. Android emulator is software, programmed for Windows-based machines. Our favorite emulators is Bluestacks. Bluestacks can be installed on Windows 10 too! Here you can download the latest Bluestacks version.

When you have your virtual Android device started and running on your Windows computer, you can install all of your favorite Android applications. You can also download Anger of Stick 6 APK for PC from the link below and install the game simply by starting the APK file. There are two possible options that you can meet when starting the downloaded APK file.

Case 1: The application will be installed right away and you would enjoy playing the game in just a few seconds.

Case 2: You will be prompted with an error message ‘blocked installation process due to security reasons…’ etc. In this case you would need to adjust your virtual Android device’s settings. This can be done by following our detailed guide here. This will take just a few clicks and you should be all set to start the APK file again and finish the installation successfully.

What to expect from Ange of Stick 6 for PC and Android?

The game has in store for you:
• Different locations(Mountain, forest, snow regions, etc…)
• Fast-paced arcade-style shooter
• Over 100 missions in single-player mode
• An exciting story mode
• A Weather system for cool effects
• A leaderboard and many achievements

Download anger of stick 6

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Controls have been tested and placed in the most comfortable parts of the screen to provide an awesome experience while playing. Direction controls can be found to the bottom left side of the screen, as for the combat buttons they are located to the bottom right of the screen. The user interface, along with the direction controls is greatly done for the time this Android application has been developed. If you enjoy the simple layout and great control over the display, Anger of Stick 6 Online Download will definitely help you enjoy your Windows PC gaming setup more if you intend to play it on your PC.

anger of stick 6 FREE download

What has Anger of Stick 6 to offer?

Throughout the gameplay you will experience:
• Awesome in-game effects
• Dynamic game style
• Crazy multi-combo techniques

You will encounter dozens of fierce A.I. enemies who target your character. A variety of deadly weapons, powerful helicopters, and robots will be available for you to annihilate your enemies.

To put it simply, it’s a game made to kill some time and to bring back the experience from the early 2000’s style games. Feel free to download the latest Anger of Stick 6 APK for PC and Android devices below:

Information for the geeks : )
Version: 2.3
File size: 7.5MB
Updated: 22 August 2017
Minimum Android version: Android 2.3+

Download Anger of Stick 6 APK

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