Apple May Create a New Search Engine

For the last couple of years, it is speculated that Google pays Apple billions of dollars in order to keep Google’s Search Engine as a default one for Apple’s Safari Web Browser. All well known Apple devices run Safari Web Browser by default, which means all users of iOS (iPhones) iPadOS (iPads) and macOS (all laptop and desktop computers) use Google as a search engine on regular bases. This is usually the case if users let their devices use the default applications and settings. If they decide to change them with another Search Engine, for example, ‘Bing’, the change must be done manually.

However, this great partnership between Google and Apple may end soon. Reuters stated as of July 2020, the officials from the Market Competition Department of the United Kingdom are eager to change laws that may affect this partnership.

Namely, their point of view is by controlling most of the market, Apple and Google are creating a monopoly situation by providing default applications and search engines without exclusively asking the user first for a preferred search engine on the first start of the Safari Web Browser.

If American officials decide to join their colleagues from the UK, most definitely they will be followed by their friends from the European Union as well. The regulators will most probably remove the default settings and force Apple to provide an option for the users to choose which Search Engine to use on their Apple devices on the first start of the Safari Browser.

The pressure from the regulation’s officials and the opportunities that lay in a new project like this including the latest updates for Siri and iCloud puts Apple in an advantage situation to visualize and create their own Search Engine.

Our Personal Opinion

With many indicators, this may become official very soon. Apple is a huge company that will survive even if without those billions from the partnership from Google. We will have to wait and see what the future holds.

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