How to install APK file on your Android device

What does APK stand for?

APK is the famous abbreviation for Android Package Kit – the most used package format for the distribution of android applications worldwide. When an android application is developed by the developers or IT companies it must be stored as some file in order to install it on our Android devices. APK is the file format that is produced when an application is finally ready for production and distribution. We can look at the APK file as an EXE file format for Windows operating system. Whenever you download an APK file, what you actually get is the application package that is ready to be deployed on your Android device and start using it right away.

What is the first thing to do once you have downloaded the application format APKs online?

When you finally download your favorite Android application APK file, directly at your Android mobile device, or on your PC and later transferred to your Android device you should get your phone ready for installation.

Download APK apps online for free

Downloading APK apps online directly on your Android device

Once your desire Android application is finally downloaded for free to your device, you may see a screen like this below:

Install apps from unknown sourcesIn this case, the security system on your Android mobile device alerts you that installing unknown applications ( not directly from Google Play) may harm your smart device if it is not from a trustworthy source. What you should do next  to allow your Android device to install the downloaded APK file is to:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. then go to the Biometrics and Security as shown at the picture below:Biometrics and Security - Install unknown apps
  3. Right in the Biometrics and Security you should see the section Install Unknown Apps:

Install unknown apps for android devicesHow to give permission to install unknown apps android

After giving the necessary permissions for the installation of the APK files, you may now navigate to the location of the previously downloaded file and try to open it. A window will pop up giving you the option to finally install the application:

Install downloaded APK application on Android

After following through the next screens and clicking Open you will end up installing your favorite android application using the free downloaded APK file.

Installing free apk application on android Free APK apps install on android

Enjoy using your new Android application on your mobile device!

If you want to try out that application or some other on your computer, here you can see how you could install APK apps on your computer for free using BlueStacks!

How to install APK apps on your PC


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