Introducing Interesting Features of Android 11 (New Version)

Android 11 Finally released

The newest version of Android is now a fact. All users of Android-based smart devices, either phones or tablets can now easily update their systems to the latest version – Android 11. The official release date was on the 8th of September, although a lot of rumors were flooding the Internet months before that date. Many of them discussed the functionality of Android to replace people’s identity cards and digitalize the need for human identification.

After the initial release of the beta version back in February of 2020, we were able to check out some of the features of the new Android 11 OS. One of our favorites was the option to control all of home smart devices using our Android device natively. The security updates of the operating system are also a big plus we must say.
Android 11 Finally released Notification drawer
As we all know, Android’s versions have always been given a cute, sweet name. Version 11 comes with a sweet name too – ‘Red Velvet Cake’.

If we were to review the best functionalities of the new OS from our point of view, without a doubt we would come up with the following list.

  • Interface upgrades.
  • Messaging interaction. With the latest interaction innovation, you will no longer need to open your messaging application. Moreover, you can easily access the message and reply within the notification drawer. Thanks to the new feature called ‘Blocks’ by Google.
  • Information Security.

Android 11 Finally released Notification Messaging

Making connections is good! Making faster connections is even better! With the latest update, you can expect to notice a significant time improvement in connecting with your favorite smart devices. Easily and blazing fast now you could connect your wireless camera, smart features of your smart car as well as your smartwatch. The transfer between two connected devices is faster too. Now you can switch between earpiece and Bluetooth speaker in just a few seconds.

You will be able to save your phone’s battery for more important tasks. With this feature, Android 11 will save you battery by automatically terminating applications that are not being used for longer period of time.

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