An Update For Windows 10 Will Offer One of The Most Practical Features of iOS

Spacebar Cursor for Windows 10

Without a doubt, Microsoft goes above and beyond to help the users of their Windows-based devices be more productive when working, or more flexible when enjoying their free time texting or watching some movies. Recently, the company came up with a great solution for screen sharing called ‘Your Phone’. What this software does, it lets you easily share your mobile screen on your Windows PC big screen. Moreover, their intentions were focused on getting a new wave of Android users to switch to Windows 10 running machines by implementing a great integration of the Android OS. We noticed that Windows 10 is still an operating system with a lot of updates coming constantly. The optimization and innovation process is to include one of the best iOS features ever created for messaging productivity.

Microsoft is testing the so-called feature ‘Spacebar Cursor’ that will most probably ease the use of on-screen keyboard for its users. This feature is based on the original concept presented in iOS 12 by Apple.

Users with ‘Spacebar Cursor’ are able to control the point of focus when messaging by clicking ‘Space’ and moving around using the touchpad. This is very handy when fixing misspelled words and phrases. The productivity rises especially since the user would not have to navigate using the < > buttons. Full integration of the ‘Spacebar Cursor’ is expected to be released within the next official Windows 10 update. Engineers from Microsoft state that this would be of a great impact on the usage of the on-screen keyboard since this feature is one of the top favored by the latest conducted surveys.

The major target group of this cool feature is people using Windows 10 based tablets, mobile-hybrid devices and touchscreen Windows computers.

Writers and content editors would find this helpful for sure. A lot of valuable time would be saved by simply scrolling and navigating the focus point.

You can check out the ‘Spacebar Cursor’ in action below.

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